Lux is easy to communicate with, knows a huge array of people, knows the business backward and forward and clearly throws her full passion for the subject into all her work. She went above and beyond what we agreed on and came up with clever new ways to help our company achieve our goals. Thanks to her help we had a spectacularly successful crowd funding campaign for our new sex toy.
— Dr. X. Treme, CEO and inventor at Orgasmatronics, Inc.

Lux offers consulting services to select sex toy, adult novelty, and other sexuality related companies, providing advice and strategies on everything from usability and design to marketing and promotion.

Are you:

- a mainstream company looking to break into the world of sex?
- a sex-focused company looking to go more mainstream?
- developing a sex-related app or gadget?
- publishing a magazine, blog, or book about sex, dating, or human sexuality?

Let Lux bring her years of experience to your project. Together we can do sex smarter.

Please email for rates and packages.

Lux was an invaluable resource during the planning and conceptual phases of Unbound. She has been an incredible point of reference for us—providing deep access to her experience and insight in the adult product industry and beyond it as well. She is whip smart, highly accessible and has an absolute sense for business. Her ability to seamlessly connect and communicate with multiple industries is remarkable, rare and to be blunt: incredibly valuable to any company or organization.
— Sarah Jayne, Unbound Box


I recently hired Lux Alptraum to assist in managing an ambitious crowdfunding campaign for an educational entertainment project that I have spent the last 5 years dreaming up. After exceeding our funding goal I can literally say Lux was crucial in helping my dreams come true.

Lux... provided key insights during our planning process, necessary connections for us to maximize our reach during the campaign’s launch, and critical feedback throughout the duration of this campaign. When it comes to the amount of constructive, diligent, and knowledgeable attention paid towards my personal development and the pursuit of my goals, Lux is only rivaled by the high school track coach that turned me from a slow and scrawny freshman to an award winning athlete over a decade ago. She pushed our team. She had a strategy. She knew the adjustments we needed to make to succeed.
— Colin Adamo, Hooking Up and Staying Hooked