The Wonderful World of Boning


Where did I come from? What's happening to my body? And why is this script so bad? In the Wonderful World of Boning, writer, sex educator, and funny lady Lux Alptraum teams up with comedian friends to take a tour of classic sex education videos, where some of America's best community theater actors teach our nation's youth all about puberty, sexual health, and what's happening down at the STI clinic. The Wonderful World of Boning regularly appears at New York City's Union Hall and online.

Among the films featured in this show:

  • Seriously Fresh, a film that combines hip ‘90s fashion and lingo with lessons about HIV
  • You, Your Body, and Puberty, a guide to the weird experience of adolescence, and the even weirder experience of talking to your dad about boners
  • A Family Talks About Sex, the 1981 classic that finally answers the question, “How many times do I have to have gay sex before I’m considered gay?”
  • What’s Happening to Me?, an animated film about puberty that might just be racist

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The Monko Sexo Comedy Hour

Monkeys. Sex. Fake trailers. Stand up. Lux teams up with Joe Garden for an hour of comedy that won't be soon forgotten (seriously, some of the videos you see will be burned into your retinas for life).

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